Why go Gaited?



Gaited horses have the smoothest movement of any horse! Their “running walk” is a very gentle movement and does not bounce the rider up and down like horses who trot! The movement is more like a gentle forward and back motion. The have one foot on the ground at all times at the running walk so there is no “moment of suspension” which bounces the rider up and down in the saddle. You do not have to “post the trot” up and down, you stay seated and the body of the horse absorbs most of the movement. They are ideal mounts for people with back or joint issues who like horses and nature. They are the perfect trail horse as they are surefooted, calm horses. They originated in the Appalachian and Kentucky Mountains so are the most surefooted of all breeds. Perfect for baby boomers!! Check them out on Youtube and you will see how their movement results in a smooth glide ride!

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