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DSCN0317At Rocky Mountain Horse Farm, we breed a select number of Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain, Spotted Saddle Horses and Chocolate Labs! Our stud horse is “Choco Dock’s Legacy,” double registered Rocky and Kentucky Mountain stallion, chocolate with flaxen mane and tail. He will be standing at stud starting in the summer of 2013. His sire is Choco Dock, famous Silver Dapple stud horse whose bloodlines go back to the foundation stallion Dock. Dock’s descendants are noted for their intelligence, willing and co-operative nature, and gorgeous appearance.




Mocha is a purebred gaited Kentucky Mountain filly.  Her price is $1400.  Payment plans are accepted.Mocha is a purebred and gaited Kentucky Mountain Filly!!  She is halter broke and respectful at this time.  Make an offer!! Payment plans are accepted.  Get her now before her price increases with additional training!!






Purebred and gaited, Tia is a gorgeous Kentucky Mountain Filly! Her dam is our purebred Kentucky Mountain Mare “Blazer Queen” and she is sired by stallion “Ridgeview’s Blue Frost.”  Tia was born the summer of 2012 so is fully weaned, halter broke and respectful at this time. Make an offer!! Get her now before her price goes up with additional training!!  Payment plans are accepted!!








***Willow is now sold, however Mocha and Tia are still available at this time.***




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2 Responses to “Rocky Mountain Horse Farm”

  • Mary Ann Rowe says:

    I would like more information about the Mountain Rocky. I had originally wanted to buy a Pasefino but I heard their personalities are a little difficult. I want a horse that is well trained, about 5 years old, friendly, prefer a horse that is on the smaller side.
    Can you also give me some information about how much they cost?
    Thank you,
    Mary Ann Rowe

    • Wendy says:

      Hi Mary Ann!

      Sorry for the delay in responding. Rocky Mountain horses are medium sized horses, good tempered and smooth gaited. Currently we don’t have one that fits the description of what you are looking for. I think for what you are looking for you would have to pay around $5000. for one that is well trained. What kind of riding do you do and if I know what area you are in generally I might be able to suggest a breeder you could contact.

      Take care,

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