Young horses

Dawson will be registered as a purebred gaited Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse.  He is a young stallion at this time and shows great promise as a stud with his gorgeous colour, conformation and markings including four tall white socks and a blaze!!  He is as friendly and sweet as they come.  He is a true gentleman, very gentle and loves people!!  His stud fee is only $500 for a limited  time as an introductory offer and will increase soon!!  Mare care is also available for an additional small fee!!



hayleyHayley is as sweet and friendly as they come,  halter broke at this time she is turning three this spring and will start groundwork and densitization to prepare her for backing once she is four.  Hayley is an in your pocket horse who gives the sweetest horsie kisses!!  Hayley will be eligible to be registered Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse.


Sweet little Hayley is always curious about people and has absolutely no fear!!




Willow is three years old, with four tall white socks and a wide white blaze.  She is halter broke at this time, ready to be started under saddle in the spring!!  Her price will increase with additional training, so get her now!!




Tasha is a gorgeous three year old Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, halter broke at this time she is ready to be started under saddle!!  Get her now before price increases with additional training!!


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