Sierra is an amazing ten year old Kentucky Mountain mare! She is registered, purebred, certified as gaited and for breeding. Her gaits are consistent and very smooth. Her transitions from one gait to another are seamless!! She has produced beautiful coloured babies with amazing markings including Sasha, Willow and Dawson! She is a very attentive mother and an amazing pleasure riding horse!!





Angel is a sweet purebred, registered and certified Spotted Saddle Horse mare who has excellent conformation and produces beautiful babies!  She is a very attentive mother who is a very smooth gaited riding horse.  Angel is shown below with her baby Hayley who is available for sale and is on the Colts and Fillies page.





Jesse has excellent breeding from the "Amigo Blue" bloodlines!!

Jesse has excellent breeding from the “Amigo Blue” bloodlines!!


Jesse is an awesome purebred, certified gaited and for breeding Kentucky Mountain broodmare and riding horse.  She has excellent bloodlines going back to “Amigo Blue.”  She has had lovely babies including “Tasha” who is also for sale on the Colts and Fillies page!



Blazer is an extremely sweet horse who gave us the lovely Winnie last spring!!  Blazer is also a very calm riding horse and is awesome on trails!!  Blazer is purebred, registered, certified gaited and for breeding.



Riker is sold.


Mischa is our only horse that is not a purebred Mountain Horse.  Mischa was rescued from a killbuyer who had her tagged to ship to a slaughter house. Rocky Mountain Horse Farm rescued her from that horrible fate.  Mischa is now at home in Canada living the good life with her new friends!!  She would make an excellent riding horse for a lucky person!  Micha is foundation bred quarter horse however her papers were lost at the auction so her price is reduced to reflect that.



Carmella is a very sweet mare standing 14.3 hands high. She will be available for sale once she has weaned her baby JR!!

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