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Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain and Spotted Saddle Horses originated in the Appalachian Mountains. They have a lateral four-beat gait which is much smoother than a trot. The lateral gait is called the running walk which means the horse has one foot on the ground at all times. There is no “moment of suspension” like when a horse trots therefore the movement of the gaited horse is much smoother than that of a horse that trots. There is no up and down bouncing which is hard on the rider’s joints and back. The motion is more like a forward and backward movement and there is very little movement of the rider in an up and down bouncing manner. With gaited horses, even their canter is very smooth and transitions from one gait to the other are very smooth and seamless.

Gaited horses with their smooth gaits are the choice for anyone who wants a smooth gliding ride, or has back or joint issues. There is very little jarring motion like when a horse trots. There is no need to “post the trot” as the body of the horse absorbs the movement. Check them out on Youtube!

Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain and Spotted Saddle horses are famous for their willing, friendly and co-operative natures. They are intelligent, easy to train, are curious about people and like to be around people. They are the first ones to approach in the field and are very easy to catch, in fact you don’t have to catch them, they come to you because they like people.

The Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Mountain horses are famous for their gorgeous colour and beauty. Typically around 15 hands high at the shoulder, they come in a colour which is quite rare called “Silver Dapple” which is a chocolate colour with platinum mane and tail. Silver dapple horses dapple in summer months and are spectacular. They are among the most beautiful and flashy horses in the horse world!

Our stallion seen in the picture below is “Choco Dock’s Legacy.” He is sired by the legendary Choco Dock and is silver dapple, chocolate with flax and chrome as he has a full white blaze and white socks. He is available as a stud and brings a new bloodline to Canada. To inquire about breeding your mare to him please call or email for more information. tafster

We usually have a number of silver dapple babies available. Currently we have Tasha, Winnie, and Dawson who is halter broke and whose price will increase with training. Get Tasha now before her price goes up in the spring!!

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  • Kitty C. says:

    I cannot lift a Western saddle (comparable weight of those used for gaited horses). Will an Eng. saddle do ok, if properly fitted at the withers? —-2) I have ridden with O rings on bridle. Are gaited of the temperament that require a western type bar bit? Always sunny here in S. CA—Kitty

    • Wendy says:

      Hey Kitty! Thanks for your question. The horse doesn’t care what kind of saddle it is as long as it’s comfortable for them so I would recommend that yes you could use an English saddle, which I do at times, I also use an Aussie and western saddle as well. As long as properly fitted it will be fine. You could look into the synthetic ones that are lightweight. I don’t feel a special “gaited saddle” is required, although they are certainly nice looking saddles and expensive!! Unless you can get a good used one. As far as bridles go, I ride bitless which I like and the horse does too, they don’t need a western shank type bit that a lot think is required. Some use an English type snaffle as they feel you get better collection but I like bitless myself. You can get English and Western style bitless bridles, it depends on what you and your horse are comfortable with!! Take care, Wendy:)

  • Wendy says:

    Hi Celeste! The two 2012 fillies are still available. The three 2013 fillies are sold. The 2012 fillies are Mocha and Tia and both are still available. I’ll send a message to your email account. Wendy:)

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